Springing Into a Kinder Easter

Now that Spring has arrived, it’s about time to check in with ourselves.  To feel at peace in one’s own skin, in one’s own hearts.  If not, if you are still on your journey of self-healing, that’s okay.  There’s no rush.  Our heart chakras will prove difficult at the best of times.  If you are feeling up to it however, now is the time to spread love to those we keep company with.

Now, as for family- those we cannot pick, but nevertheless have to live with- be it brothers, sisters, children, or parents, we must do our best to be kind, even in the worst case scenarios.

The following is a more personal story.  One I hope you will each connect or relate to in some small way.  Reasonably, because we have all loved someone who did not make it easy to love.

As an only child, there were plenty of expectations placed on my head at a very young age.  Both my parent’s hopes and dreams for what I would one day become were never easy to reconcile.  Even then, it was all made worse after I told my father I no longer wished to become a doctor.  For my father, that was quite a blow.  But neither did that deter me from following my own path… whatever that may be.  At twenty-six, I’m still figuring it out, you see.

Even though I did not follow the path my parents thought best for me, I refuse to let it affect the way I treat them or myself.  I continue to be respectful, compassionate, and appreciative for all that they have given me.  More so, I remain mindful to the fact that I broke my father’s heart a little when I changed my mind about medical school.

My father still talks of it- the fact that I once dreamed of becoming a doctor- which he now tends to lord over me, wounding me in ways I never thought possible with just mere words.  Yet even so, I will never back down or love him any less; simply for the fact he is my father.  Throughout my life he has been an amazing provider, a passionate career man, and a stubborn creature all at once.

It is not an easy task to love those who do not make it easy to love in return, who find it difficult to let people in, who are stubborn and willful, but we do so nevertheless.  Sometimes we choose it, other times we feel the need to.  But when we have the love to give, why not?  When we can understand where that individual is coming from, why hold back? Why not spread as much love as we have to offer?

It is in us to continue being warm, kind, and understanding.  Let’s do so.  The people who are hardest to love are the ones who need it most, as I’m sure you’ve heard said many times over the years.  Even when frustrated or hurt, we should never build walls around our own hearts, but rather remain caring with the best of intentions.  It is imperative to our own well-being and the worlds.


“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

– Kahlil Gibran


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